How To Stay On Course in the Entrepreneurial Seas

If you’ve been in business for awhile, it can feel like you’ve changed course and direction many times while trying to find the path of least resistance.Copyright Carolin Rathbun, all rights reserved

You’re often on your own trying to figure out which course you should take, want to take and can afford to take.

I can tell you, my entrepreneurial route has been a rather winding river.

Sometimes I’ve felt like I’ve been running rapids, adrenalin high and caught in a pace that feels overwhelming, trying to keep from losing control of it all.

Sometimes I’ve felt like I was caught in a whirlpool, spinning around and around, feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere at all, then finally being released and able to see an entirely different shore.

Sometimes I’ve been stuck in the muck, knee deep in thick goo unable to do anything but stop and rest then plot a careful and logical course out into the river’s flow again.

A couple of times, I’ve fallen right out of my boat, as though I hit a rock I didn’t see coming that flipped me out fast and into the water, coming up sputtering and drenched and clinging to the side trying to figure out what just happened and what to do next.

But, we entrepreneurs aren’t easily broken, are we? 

We’re made of tougher stuff than that.

When we struggle or hit road blocks (or river dams), we climb back in our boats and chart a new course, always looking for the river that will keep us sailing for a long time with the greatest of ease and the most pleasure.

Sure, there will be times when we have to put down anchor and rest.

Sure, there will be times when we need to adjust our bearings.

Keep in mind:

  • that the right crew can make sailing easier
  • there are others at the boat dock waiting to hear your tales and share theirs
  • meeting fellow sailors makes you feel not so alone and provides opportunities for learning
  • following your own north star is always the best course

While I may not be drifting downstream relaxing in the sun quite yet, my next course is plotted and I’m beginning to hoist the sail.

I’ll let you know soon when I’m ready to take on passengers.

Trust me, you’ll want to be on this journey with me.

We all have to paddle our own canoe. Why not make it a joyful journey?

Stay tuned for more information.

In the meantime, I’d love to help you get your work out into the world.  Contact me here.

Photo credit: Carolin Rathbun, all rights reserved.
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