3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Page Attract Your Ideal Client

When we’re trying to find a solution to a problem, we go on the internet and begin searching for someone who can help us solve that problem.

For instance, say I’m struggling in my business. I’m clear on what I do but I’m not making the income that I want. No matter what I try, I can’t seem to bring in more business so off I go in search of a business coach.

There are thousands of businesses coaches to choose from. How do I know which is the best one for me?

I do what most people do. I pick three and start comparing. (I am actually doing this exercise so these are my real first impressions of three random sites.)

You only have a few seconds to make a first impression online.

Your Home Page needs to grab people FAST!

If we don’t like what we see in the first 4-5 seconds, we may not stick around long enough to learn that you are/have the perfect solution to our problem.

Let’s explore what attracts us to a website and what keeps us there longer.

Here are the results from three real examples:

Website 1 has a large stock photo of someone riding a bike on a trail with a red overtone, a tiny photo of the coach is off to the left and in large letters to the right is his name and credentials. (I don’t even notice his business name because it’s small too and the image is distracting me away from it. Too bad because the name is actually quite appealing.)

Website 2 has a large photo of the coach with piercing eyes staring at me (it’s rather startling at first), the background photo is a very spiritual looking photo with bold dark colours, lots of buttons to click and a big Call Me button. His business name is his personal name and he has put his initials in a sort of Superman shield insignia.

Website 3 has lots of white space, a small stock photo on the left of adult students walking on a campus, and an interesting business name. The right side of the page has a panel but it’s blank.

(To be honest, none of these sites really grab me but I’ve selected them for demonstration, so on we go…)

As I look at these sites, I’m asking:

Can they solve my problem?

Website 1: The bicycle is throwing me off (fitness is not what I’m interested in at the moment) and a quick scan of the text (because the tagline isn’t telling me anything) I see the words “successful athlete” “trainer” “coach”. I assume he coaches athletes. I’m not interested. I’m out. I’m moving on.

It turns out when I read more, he is a business coach and was using a sporting metaphor to make a point. Too late though, he lost me at “hello”.

Tip #1:  Make sure your banner clearly says who you serve, has an attractive eye catching logo, an image and colours that reflect your business, and includes a friendly photo of you. If you have a business name other than your own name, make it memorable and/or relative to your work.

Okay. Only a few seconds in and I’m already down to two choices.

Website 2: There are 6 buttons that are drawing my attention. I don’t know what to do!

In tiny letters I realize he has his welcome text. Scanning the text I see “wisdom” “information” “on a vast number of subject”. It’s too vague. I don’t know if he serves ME. I’m out. I’m moving on.

Tip #2: When we write our own web copy, we’re afraid to turn prospects away so we speak in broad terms, but if you’re specific, then you draw in your ideal clients.  Speak to them, don’t talk about yourself (yet). Get specific so they know right away if they’re a fit or not.

Now, let’s see how Website 3 does for my chances of finding a business coach…

Website 3: I feel more relaxed on this site but it’s making me work to figure out if they can solve my problem.  Their logo/business name is small at the top left of the page and I can barely read their tagline.

I don’t know if there is one coach or many since there’s a stock image of students. I’m wondering if they only help students (not me).  As I begin to read, they start to draw me in. “You’re an entrepreneur.” Yup! “You have a burning desire to be and do more.” Yup. They talk about business and personal life needing to be in alignment. Then they introduce themselves.

Okay, I’m starting to feel at home here. This site is making me curious – but I’m not convinced yet. They’ll have to keep speaking to me, telling why they’re doing this work and proving they’ve had success. Every second counts.

Tip #3: When I believe you understand who I am and what my needs are then I want to stay engaged and explore your website more.

The longer I stay engaged, the more time you have to prove that you can solve my problem.

The more I’m convinced, the easier your sales conversation will be because I already feel you’re the right person for me.

Your website should do a lot of the sales work for you and make your selling easier by weeding out who you don’t want to work with and drawing in who you do want to work with.

How would it feel if every client were your ideal client?

An engaging website is a key tool to your success. Be sure yours is doing its job.

I’d love to support you in creating an engaging website. Whether you only need help with one page, your entire site or want me to do all the writing for you, I’m here to help you get your message out into the world.

Let’s connect. Book a 30 minute call or send me an email

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