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What I learned most was to respect and appreciate nature and ultimately, the importance of a healthy eco-system.

Meet Carolin

Not many businesses can boast about their ethics. But you can.

We are humans with souls who long to help each other. We connect with stories that make us feel something.

If we, as consumers, connect with a company’s underlying story, and it make us feel good to be a part of that story – because after all, if we buy your product we become part of your story – we will not only continue to buy from you but we will tell our friends.

That is why today, I help those who are trying to make the world a better place create loyal customers so they can continue to prosper and expand their network of change. 

I get fired up by environmental issues.

     I’ve petitioned and stood before town council lobbying to preserve a forested property.

     I helped develop, then managed a not-for-profit program which gives students hands-on experience with birds.

     I’ve joined movements to enhance awareness of GMO’s.

     I’ve volunteered with a local environmental group.

     I’ve even dabbled at trying to build a business making rain barrels.

Why are environmental causes so important to me?

Growing up the youngest of three girls in a typical city suburb, we didn’t always do the typical type of holiday.

Instead, I was exposed to the wonders of nature at a young age.

My parents enjoyed camping so that’s often how we spent our holidays; roaming around the province trying out the various Provincial Parks or motoring across North America – twice – camping through summer storms and desert heat.

But we didn’t always just do regular campground-type camping. That would have been too easy.

My parents spent some winters, in the pre-internet era, planning for extensive interior camping adventures, the longest of which was to span two weeks. They researched gear and freeze-dried food options to feed a family of five when no resupply stores would be available.

Pouring over maps and retracing Voyageur routes, they planned the optimal course to traverse in our two canoes – my parents in one canoe, we three girls managing our own – calculating how far we could reasonably go in order to make it back in the allotted time.

I don’t recall being involved in, or even aware of, the planning phase. When the time came, I was packed up and told to hop in the van. We were off!

I learned many things on these adventures; how to skip stones, do a loon call, fish (I even bait my own hooks), build a one-match fire, hoist food up into a tree, run small rapids, read maps, and how to create a makeshift sail if the wind is in your favour.

Me, on a canoe trip. 

For companies and organizations whose bottom-line is to make the world a better place, your story is your best marketing feature.

These lessons are part of my being; an inherent intrinsic characteristic that makes up a good part of who I am today.

So how did I used to earn a living?


I can add (with the help of a calculator) and I can make numbers balance. I am methodical and thorough – good traits for a bookkeeper – but for me, there was no life to it. No soul. No greater meaning.

It didn’t start off that way. Bookkeeping was fine – but it was just that, ‘fine’. I enjoyed the employee camaraderie at each company, however, the work became monotonous. Until at one company, I was given the opportunity to develop and manage their not-for-profit program which brought children in touch with nature through birds.

Three things I love converged – kids, nature & birds. This had soul. This had meaning.

This was my Ah-Ha! I needed to do something that would provide a benefit to society and the earth.

What I enjoyed most about that project was the writing. I wrote program guides, instruction sheets, newsletters, web copy, you name it. So maybe writing was the missing link.

I have always enjoyed writing and telling stories but where would that get me?

Bookkeeping paid bills. Could writing and storytelling? Who would listen? And then I discovered blogging.

I began a positivity blog because that was what I felt I had to share.

I have always been a positive person and have always tried to look on the bright side of life. By sharing my experiences, my outlook and my observations, perhaps people could benefit.

What I learned was how many people are looking to share in others’ stories.

There are thousands and thousands of blogs because people want to hear each other’s stories.

They want to connect…and they do.

I’ve always had a fascination with marketing too. What messages are we being served to make us buy this or that. Why am I attracted to some but not others?

Combining my writing and marketing interests, I’ve taken copywriting courses and studied the gurus. But what it comes down to is, how well a company’s story is communicated, regardless of the field.

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