The Most Important Thing Your Website Must Convey (and 4 Easy Ways To Ensure It Does)

If advertisers use this, why shouldn’t we?
Think for a moment how advertisers attract us to buy. They are experts at creating interest – and influencing our buying decisions.
What’s their secret weapon? T & A. If it works for ads, wouldn’t that be true for your website too?
In fact, your website is the best and easiest place to flaunt it. Every page is an opportunity to show your stuff.
Wait, what?! No! I’m not talking about that t & a!

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Page Attract Your Ideal Client

When we’re trying to find a solution to a problem, we go on the internet and begin searching for someone who can help us solve that problem. For instance, say I’m struggling in my business. I’m clear on what I do but I’m not making the income that I want. No matter what I try, […]

When fear keeps you from fulfilling your mission, think of this…

Still reeling from the loss of my beloved father a year earlier and weighted down by the constant heartache of my mother’s Alzheimer’s, I was deeply missing the support system that had always kept me feeling grounded and secure.

My business was requiring that I show up in a strength and visibility with which I, an introvert, was entirely unfamiliar and very uncomfortable.

Could I really step out of my comfort zone and face the fears of up-levelling my business?

Was this the right time or did I need more experience or education?

Was I looking for an excuse to hide and not try?

Who would lose if I stayed small?