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Do It With You: Consulting Service

If you're ready to finally FINISH your writing project

with greater Ease, Speed and Confidence

while saving some Money too,

then my Consulting Service is right for you

Working on a writing project but unsure if it makes sense?

Need help crafting, polishing and perfecting your message? 

Whether you're working on your website, an e-book, a video script or another task, it's imperative your words connect with your audience.

My consulting service will help you move your project forward and ensure you stay on message for a fraction of the cost of hiring me to do the writing for you. 

Let's chat about your project!

A cost-effective way to get great copy

There's a reason they say "Copy is King".

Words matter!

The fact is, copywriting is the MOST important piece to get right. 

     More important than pretty web-design and a fancy logo. 

It's your WORDS that will ultimately connect with and retain your market. 

Everything else will flow from there. 

STILL, I understand that you may not have the funds to hire a Pro to do all the writing for you. 

That's why I created an affordable way to get you the help you need. 

With my Consulting Services, we'll work together to ensure your message is clear and stays on track. 

You do the writing but I'll give you plenty of feedback, suggestions and guidance along the way. 

It'll be like I'm there with you looking over your shoulder. 

Together, we'll find just the right words that give voice to your mission and attract your ideal customers. 

I know what it's like to want to accelerate your business only to have to keep putting off the dream until you have the budget to afford it. 

Your work is too important to wait. 

If you want champagne copy on a craft beer budget, then my Consulting Service may be right for you. 

Let's chat!

Don't let bad copy stand in the way 

of your world-changing work

What would it mean to 

finally finish your project?

Where could you go from there?

Click the box to schedule a time that works best for you.

“Carolin did a fantastic job on my website copy. She was able to transform my copy and ideas so that they were more clear and appealing to my potential clients. She also improved the formatting making it more appealing to the eye and easier to read. And she even gave me a new tag line that really speaks to what I do for my clients. 

Michelle’s website is getting rave reviews.

Since then I have received several comments from potential clients and friends in the design industry that they really like what my website has to say.

Michelle Ku

Addison Interior Design Denver

I highly recommend Carolin for any of your copy needs.”

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