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What's a key component of your business?
Your Website.
How's your website working for you?

Have you been struggling to write your website?

Not sure if your message is landing as it should?

Wonder if your prospects understand what you're selling?

Writing your own website is H-A-R-D!
No-one knows your business like you do.
Why then is it so difficult to write the copy for your own website?
You're too close to it.
You know your business intimately so you may think you're getting your message across but in fact, it's landing on deaf ears (or blind eyes).
It's called "The Curse of Knowledge".

You know what you know and you can't un-know it. Plus, you've known it for a long time so you assume we know it too. Hint: We don't!

Here are a couple of ways the "curse" may be working against you.
  • You're using professional terminology assuming we know what you're talking about, or as an attempt to impress us.
  • You're missing key pieces of information that help us understand how and why you are the person to solve our problem.

Result: We're confused. We don't know what you're talking about. Or worse, we leave your site without knowing how you can help us, or maybe without even understanding what it is you actually do. Yikes! That’s not good.

What's the hardest part about writing your own website?


Especially if you don't even like to write in the first place.
Hi. I'm Carolin Rathbun.CarolinRathbun
I'm a freelance writer with a specialty for helping business owners tell their stories so they can gain loyal customers. And that starts with your website.
Think of your website as the overarching story of your business.

Your Home Page is the synopsis. Just like on a book cover, you’ve got to grab the reader so they'll want to buy the book - or in this case, stay on your website to learn more.

Your About Page is your "Once upon a time..." People connect with story and they'll connect with you here if you tell an authentic tale of your journey.

Your other pages are the chapters and supporting characters.

Your testimonials are your book reviewers.

Question: How many times have you read and re-read your website?
That many?! Really?
I'm actually not surprised. It took me a year and a half of rewrites, edits, scrapping’s and start-over's to get my website to the point where I was happy with it. And I'm a writer!
I'd write something and think it was great then ask for feedback from family and friends - all of whom love me and none of whom wanted to hurt my feelings, plus one of whom offered loads of "helpful" "old-school" advice which did nothing more than send me in circles second guessing everything I had been working toward and knew was the right direction for me. That alone set me back months!
Well-meaning family and friends are a blessing in your personal life, but not necessarily in your business.
In your business life you need to find like-minded colleagues.  
I'm a heart-centred entrepreneur, just like you.  I understand how important it is that your personality come through on your website.
Your personality and uniqueness is what will attract your ideal customer to you.
The clearer and more authentic you are with your website, the clearer and more authentic you will be with your prospects and clients.
The cool part is that once your website reflects who you truly are and clearly outlines what you have to offer, you will attract your ideal clients.
I love writing, and creating website copy is my addiction.
But what I love more is working with people to help them hone their own web copy.
As a freelance writer, I have helped many people over the years write and develop their websites.
I have a knack for pinpointing what isn’t working for your prospects and I ask the questions that get you considering alternate ways to express yourself.

That’s another Curse of Knowledge by the way; a rigid mindset.

You’re used to thinking of yourself and business in a way that makes sense to you, but it isn’t landing with first-time visitors to your site.
What does that mean? Yup, they click away…and may never come back.
Plus, I help you write with a consistent tone and voice while checking your spelling and grammar.
No-one knows your business like you. As you evolve, so does your business and so will your website.
What I've learned by writing my own websites (I've had three versions over the years) is that the hardest writing of all is writing about yourself, especially for professional purposes.
Ever try crafting a 30-second elevator pitch? No wonder writing your website is hard!
I don't want you to spend months and years struggling with your website.
My webpage and website review offer will save you weeks and months of trial and error.
Stop applying feedback from well-meaning family that you’ll just end up changing anyway.
You have better ways to spend your time - like running your business and making money!

How much time have you spent writing and re-writing your website copy?

How much money have you lost because you were working on your website instead of working with your paying clients?

How much quality time with your kids, or social time with your friends can you never get back? We all know that as entrepreneurs, we need those cup-filling breaks!

Ask yourself:

What will it mean to you to greatly reduce the timeframe of finishing your website?

How do you know your message is really getting across to your prospects?

Question markAre your friends right? Remember, they already know what you do so they also suffer from the Curse of Knowledge.

How will you feel when you can proudly send people to your website?

What will having a completed and compelling website mean for the growth of your business?

My Webpage and Website Review service gives you the honest, unbiased feedback you need so you can make the changes that will allow you to connect with your perfect clients.
How it works:

To begin, I’ll act as a prospect coming to your webpage or website for the first time, except this time you'll have the opportunity to really find out what they're experiencing.

I will give you my honest unbiased feedback on my first impressions of your webpage or website with suggestions on where I feel you need to expand, decrease, combine or edit your pages. (Don't worry, I’m honest but I’m gentle.)

We'll follow up with a call to talk about my overall impression of your webpage or website and the main things for you to work on to improve your prospect's experience.

Then, if you select the Full Monty Website Review, you’ll also receive a full written report with page by page actions where I feel you can make improvements. You can use this report as a reference guide to work on your site as your time allows.

Will your mom, best friend or spouse be that honest or thorough with you?
Here’s what you get:

Single Webpage Review:

  • Full review of either your Home Page or About Page as it currently exists on your website.
  • 30 minute phone call to discuss my top suggestions for improvement and next steps.

The Full Monty Review:

  • Full review of each and every page of your existing website (excludes blog posts).
  • 60 minute phone call to discuss my top suggestions for improvement and next steps.
  • Written report outlining suggested actions for each page of your existing website so you can work at your own pace and check items off as you complete them.
Here's the best part: 

You have until December 31, 2016 to submit your link for review! 

But you must book by September 15th, 2016 to take advantage of the sale pricing.

I want to help you jump over the hurdle that's been holding you back from fully stepping into your online business presence.
Now you have no more excuses.
If your website or webpage isn't quite finished, you have until the end of December to get it to me. In the meantime, you can save some money!
How great is that?!
Writing your own website leaves you with so many unknowns.
  • You want to sound confident but you worry about sounding braggy.
  • You want to sell your services but don't want to be pushy.
  • You want your site to sound professional without seeming cold and generic.
  • You want to stand out but don't know how you're different.
  • You want to help people but they need to trust you first. How do you do that on a website?
The first place most people go to learn about you and your business is your website. It's so important that your website:
  • connects with your target market.
  • conveys your services clearly.
  • compels people to want to work with you.
Does your current website do that? With my Website Review service, you'll be well on your way.
"My website isn’t ready for a review. Can I still take advantage of the sale?"
Grab the savings now and when you're ready, send me your link. You have until December 31st, 2016* to send me your webpage or website link.

September Back-To-Work Sale. Save up to $200!

Single Page Review:    

Home Page Review, single page Reg. $247 CDN SALE $197

About Page Review, single page Reg. $247 CDN SALE $197

The Full Monty Review:   

Full Website Review, includes full report Reg.$1,997 CDN SALE $1,797

Buy now and you have until December 31st, 2016* to submit your link for review.

Hurry! You must book by September 15th to get the deal!

All prices are in Canadian dollars.  
U.S. customers save even more! $197 CDN = approx. $155 US, $1,797 CDN = approx. $1,395 US!

*Please be sure to submit your link for review by December 31, 2016.

If you miss the Dec. 31/16 deadline, the offer is null and void. But why would you miss the deadline? Send what you have. Even a partially finished website is worth reviewing to give you momentum to move forward.

Note: Links received after Dec. 15/16 will be reviewed in January 2017.

Instructions for sending your webpage or website link will follow your payment. This offer does not extend to sales pages or blog posts. All payments are to be paid in full in advance. No refunds should you miss the submission deadline. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Let's get your website done!

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