Welcome to The Joyful Scribe Interview Series

Welcome to The Joyful Scribe Interview Series

Hear The Power Of Your Stories

A few words from me before you begin.


You’ve said “Yes!” to learning more about the importance of your stories.

While you listen to these interviews, I want you to think about a few things:

As my guests are sharing their stories, think about the stories your customers or donors would like to hear.

Pay attention to your first impressions of their business and how you initially feel about each person and their work.
What are your preconceived notions about the work they do?
Then at the end of each interview, think about if and how your perceptions have changed.

I think you’ll see how your customers really do need to hear your stories.

Your stories have the power to transform your business.

Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place.

By sharing your stories, I’m certain you can make an even greater impact.

To your continued success.

Enjoy the interviews.




The Interviews: 

The interviews run between 20-30 minutes each so I invite you to make the time to listen.
Relax with a warm herbal tea or your favourite coffee. Listen while you enjoy your lunch. Or tune in during your commute.
This is an investment toward the growth of your business.

Thank you for being a part of my community of change-makers who are making an even greater impact through their stories. Imagine that!


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2016-02-19_Jaz-croppedJacynthe (Jaz) Villemaire
Spiritual Healer
Business: Deliberate Soul Creation

Hear how Jaz discovered her gifts despite all the messages to the contrary and how she’s combined her unique gifts with other techniques to help each of her clients transform their lives.


To learn more about Jaz and her work visit:
Jaz’s website
Jaz’s Facebook page



Esther, Dolls that HealEsther Moskovitz
Businesses: Reclaiming Yourself
Dolls That Heal

Find out how Esther’s professional life lead to creating a special healing tool that helps divorced Mom’s and Dad’s support their small children through a difficult visitation process.


To learn more about Esther and her work visit:
Esther’s therapy website
Dolls That Heal website


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Therese PICTherese Skelly
Business Coach
Business: Happy In Business

Listen to Therese and I talk about the work that sets her so far apart from other business coaches and why she has such loyal and loving clients, including me. Yes, Therese is my coach. LOVE this woman. I’m so happy she agreed to do this interview! You will be happy you listened.


To learn more about Therese and her work visit:
Therese’s website




leisa-headshot 2007

Leisa Peacock
Holistic Health Practitioner
Business: Escential Inspirations

From rubbing shoulders with Canada’s top musicians to rubbing shoulders (and more!) with a mission to heal.

Find out how Leisa went from creating events that rock to creating harmonious lives!

20.14 mins

To learn more about Leisa and her work visit:
Leisa’s website
Leisa’s Facebook page


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Aliza Bloom Robinson picAliza Bloom Robinson
Spiritual Coach & Facilitator
Business: Divine Awakening

From computer analyst to ordained minister, Aliza walked away from the pulpit to answer a new calling.

Find out how Aliza’s new work helps her clients break through the barriers that are keeping them stuck.

The result: peace, purpose, passion and clarity.

30.39 mins

To learn more about Aliza and her work visit:
Aliza’s website
Aliza’s Facebook page




Leah NashLeah Nash
Holistic Business Coach
Business: Holistic Business Makeover

Ever experience a failed business launch or have times when what used to work no longer does?

Leah can teach you why that happened and how to keep it from happening again.

Blending ancient knowledge with business savvy, Leah’s clients create businesses that flow easily and naturally.

40.28 mins

To learn more about Leah and her work visit:
Leah’s website


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