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“Carolin worked with us and supported the need to develop three video scripts written for a national company partner. This was an important initiative because of the potential for future work with their national head office. 

Michelle’s website is getting rave reviews.

“Carolin has the unique ability to take on a big and complicated project and process it in simple and qualified steps, making it all look very easy. 

Since then I have received several comments from potential clients and friends in the design industry that they really like what my website has to say.

I highly recommend Carolin for any of your copy needs.”

Carolin was able to pin point areas that needed clarification and provided suggestions on how to re-phrase these areas so that the meaning was more clear and concise. 

Michelle Ku

Addison Interior Design Denver

“I was working on a tight turn-around for some web copy that I needed for a Trade Show I was signed up for, and Carolin offered to help me. 

Maureen Janson Heinz

Editor/Publisher, Scoliosis Quarterly

Perfect timing for a perfect outcome!”

“Carolin did a fantastic job on my website copy. She was able to transform my copy and ideas so that they were more clear and appealing to my potential clients. She also improved the formatting making it more appealing to the eye and easier to read. And she even gave me a new tag line that really speaks to what I do for my clients. 

“I was feeling frustrated with my never ending attempt to figure out how to express, on my web presence, what I can offer that would be pleasing to the eye of the beholder. It was through a mutual connection that Carolin came onto the scene.

Marla’s message now aligns with her personality and her business.

I was delighted and amazed that she was able to look at and change my copy within hours, which I was able to use both for the flyer AND for a more permanent presence on my website.

 Within 2 days, Carolin Rathbun’s amazing marketing and copy-write ideas helped me identify and then eloquently edit the message to reflect my personality and offerings.

Not only does she bring great attention to detail and careful word choice into all of her writing assignments, she is a gracious and prompt communicator, and clearly approaches her work with the intention of making it the best it can be. In conducting interviews and organizing personal stories, Carolin has a unique way of diving deep to bring out the highlights and uncover new information. 

Marla Covino Hickerson

Active Soul Adventures

She finds ways to connect one-of-a-kind stories with readers by making them compelling and relevant.“

Maria appreciated my attention to detail and organizational skills.

Lisa Mighton, RN, BScN, CDE

I admired Carolin’s highlighting the positives of the message the materials were to convey.

Thank you Carolin for making my job so much easier!”

“I needed a fresh set of eyes on some branding materials I’d been working on for so long that I wasn’t seeing the words anymore. I very much appreciated Carolin Rathbun’s tone with improvements, her eye for detail and her spot-on suggestions!

Megan’s project now represents what she intended all along.

– not an easy task for two minute videos.

Carolin excelled. Not only did she provide three scripts that told the story of the company and each process required, she presented them professionally, before the deadline, and with no editing or rewriting required, making my job as Marketing Lead easy. 

I have full confidence in Carolin’s storytelling abilities and would highly recommend her for your next writing project.”

Carolin gave great notes on ways to make the material more concise, complete and on point!

I would highly recommend Carolin for her clarity, simplicity, and good instincts for form and content of a beautifully created product, whether it is for written or on-line material. Bravo Carolin for an exquisite job; professional, timely, and elegant!”

Megan Doren

Writer and Editor

Diane was delighted with her clearer trade show messaging. 

Diane L Sussman  

Be Soul Inspired

Helped EMpression make a great impression.

Carolin is a writer of exceptional quality. 

I needed someone who could write concisely yet tell the stories that needed to be told

Maureen appreciates the craftsmanship of a compelling story.

Javed S. Khan, President

EMpression: A Marketing Services Company

“We thoroughly enjoy working with Carolin. She has helped us greatly with our promotional endeavours. 

Maria Mohamedali 


Susan and Brian Adamson

North East Grey Health Clinics

Her attention to detail and organizational skills ensures that no important requirements are omitted and that the end product turns out even better than anticipated.”

Helped Susan and Brian raise funds for a medical clinic.

“I had the fortune of having the editing expertise of Carolin Rathbun. 

Carolin is very thorough in her questions when approaching any project.

Lisa was grateful for my editing eye resulting in clearer and concise presentations.

Her writing and editing skills are excellent. She meets deadlines (often in advance).  We hope to be able to work with her on future projects.”

She also provided exceptional grammatical editing.

I would highly recommend Carolin Rathbun for editing endeavours.”

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