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Many people think you need to hard-sell in order to stay in business. 

They "push the pain" and "convince" people to Buy Now! 

Does that work?  Sure, once or twice. 

But it doesn't create loyalty. And frankly, it feels yucky. 

Loyalty comes when people believe in what you do and they trust you are authentic.

It starts by understanding your motivation.

Your business started as an idea in your heart - something that made you feel really good. You knew you had to do it. THAT's what will connect with people. 

When we understand WHY you are doing this work, you are memorable and unique. You've connected the heart of your business with the heart of your customer. 

Everything you do within your business - your products, services, successes, transformations - builds your authenticity and adds to our trust (or doesn't). 

As buyers, we subconsciously choose who we work with and buy from based on how they make us feel, then we justify our feelings with facts. 

People want to feel good. We are attracted to pleasurable experiences. 

 Heart To Heart Messaging

If, for example, you provide a service that offers lasting personal transformation, we'll comparison shop until we understand Why you're doing this work and how you're different. If your Why meets our values, we'll want to work with you. 

For instance, if you have a business that sells jewelry and your marketing only focuses on the aspects of the jewelry, we may buy from you but guaranteed, we'll be comparison shopping. 

If however we know that yours is a fair-trade business and your jewelry is handmade in Indonesia by a group of women who are being paid a fair wage and who are able to send their daughters to school directly because of the sales from your business, then (if this meets our values) we are likely to support your business, regularly. 

Feeling: We feel good when we buy from you because we feel like we are helping you change lives. 

We'll be loyal because we feel you need us and that together, we're making a difference in the world.

Fact justification: Your prices are reasonable, the quality is good and I'm helping someone have a better life.   

 Feeling: We want to feel better and we believe you understand us and can help us achieve our goals. Even though we don't know your previous clients, it's a gut feeling that we're a fit. 

Fact Justification: You are experienced and seem to be getting good results. 

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When you connect WHY you're doing this work with the transformation your work is creating, your customers will want to support you by being loyal customers or clients. 

There's a reason they say, "Copy is king".

Words matter.

Heart To Heart Messaging is authentic, trustworthy and just feels good to everyone.  

Your website, ads, video scripts, ebooks - virtually every form of communication - requires words. 

Are your words creating a feel-good connection?

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Hi there! My name is Carolin Rathbun. 

The simple answer is that I am a writer. 

I love spending my days playing with words. 

Each morning, I get to shake the big alphabet cup then dump out the letters with the goal of combining them just so, weaving in spaces and punctuation so the resulting message leaves the reader changed and wiser. 

The longer, perhaps less poetic answer is that I'm also an environmentalist, a champion of change makers, a careful life-observer, a philosopher, a law-of-attraction believer, a curious listener and a perpetual learner. 

Who am I? Why am I doing this work?

As a change-making entrepreneur myself, I know about the passion that fuels you. 

I understand the importance of connecting with your audience because in order to make a difference, you need people to support your work. 

I know that your vision is grand and grandiose. The more success you have, the greater difference you can make.  

AND I know the heart-ache of wanting to change the world but not having a voice to express it. That was the tough lesson I had to overcome.

It is why today I am able to connect to the softness of your desire for better (the heart of your work) and the strength of your conviction to make it happen. 

It's from this place that I discover, weave and craft the words to express your unique message clearly and effectively to your audience. 

I am driven to use my skills to help change-makers, like you, make a greater difference in the world because there's no time like NOW for that! 

The Why that weaves through all I do is my drive to encourage people to believe in themselves so we own our value and what we have to offer to the world.

One way I do that is by helping you match your inspiring ideas with inspiring words. 

If you'd like to chat about working together, feel free to schedule a call or email me

Helping you find the right words 

so the right people find you.

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