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Marketing Material

There are many ways to connect with your customer.

The majority involve written content. 

LOTS of it.

Writing! Writing! Writing!

There's so much writing involved when you own a business. It can easily get overwhelming. 

I'm here to ease your work load. 

Along with your web copy and success stories, below are more ways that we can work together to create loyal customers who love being a part of your success.

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I would highly recommend Carolin for her clarity, simplicity, and good instincts for form and content of a beautifully created product, whether it is for written or on-line material. 

Bravo Carolin for an exquisite job; professional, timely, and elegant!”

Diane L Sussman  

Be Soul Inspired

“I was working on a tight turn-around for some web copy that I needed for a Trade Show I was signed up for, and Carolin offered to help me. 

Diane was delighted with her clearer trade show messaging. 

I was delighted and amazed that she was able to look at and change my copy within hours, which I was able to use both for the flyer AND for a more permanent presence on my website.

Joyful Praise

Hear how their stories add to their credibility, likability and trust

Your Stories Have Power

Wonder if you have stories to tell?

People remember stories

When we know your stories, we remember you.

Your stories build trust and authenticity.

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