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You promised to change the world. 

Your successes prove you're doing it.

Customers success stories tell a powerful story about you. 

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a.k.a. Customer Success Stories, Case Studies

are simply stories about the positive effects of your work, written in a relatable story format that connects with people’s hearts.

Why? Because people buy with their hearts first.

Then they justify their purchases with statistics.

People don’t remember statistics. Are stats important? Absolutely. But it’s not what connects with your customers. People use the statistics to justify their purchases AFTER they understand what you are all about.

Think about when you buy a car. It’s a big purchase so you do your research. You’ll look at the stats, sure; you’ll check the mileage rating, how many cylinders it has, cargo capacity, price, blah blah (I’m a girl…what else do you check?). But then you’ll read customer reviews. You want to know if people are happy with the car. Do people have any complaints? Does it fit the kids and the groceries? Can you fit your bike or kayak?

What are you reading? The STORIES. 

We connect through stories. We remember stories. 

Stories become a part of us. 

Stories are what convinces you whether or not this particular car is right for you. After all, if it gets amazing mileage but your kids have to run along side because you bought a watermelon and a sack of potatoes, are you going to buy it?

Let’s connect. Together, we can change the world.

Your business is based on creating a better world for individuals, society and/or the environment. 

For you, serving beyond yourself is your core value.

You would never consider having a business that creates poor working conditions or environmental damage.

You believe that if people knew your whole story – I mean, really KNEW your bigger picture - then you’d be even more successful than you already are.

More success for you = a better planet for us.

You are proof that you CAN have a profitable business while also creating a better world.

Positive Profiles

What’s in your story?

Your story includes:

  • your big idea - what made you begin your business?
  • the people you support with fair-trade labor
  • the organic farmers from whom you source raw materials
  • your environmental commitment to packaging, shipping, manufacturing
  • your own values and how you live a sustainable lifestyle
  • your small-footprint, big-impact, make-a-difference philosophy
  • the need you found lacking and how you're filling the void
  • the people who are benefitting from your dedication

Positive Profiles build trust.

Positive Profiles make your selling so much easier!

Think back to the car scenario. You’ve read a bunch of people’s stories. They’re all happy with their purchase. They’re happy with the service they get. It meets or exceeds their needs. You’ve seen pictures of smiling happy people. You want to be one of those smiling happy people. You go into the dealership, excited (though you’re trying to seem uninterested), and start talking to the sales rep. He directs you to another car that gets a tad better mileage, and he’ll drop the price so it’s less than the one you want, but you read one bad customer review on that car. So, which car are you going to buy? Right! He can’t even talk you out of it now, can he?

Ok, so you get how stories fit in – I’ve touched your heart.

Ready for the ‘head stuff’, the justification part?

See how boring stats are? But now I’ve justified to you that Positive Profiles work. (And these stats likely came from businesses that don’t have The Three P aspect that yours does.) Now imagine how your stories will perform. (Ok, so you can’t do better than #1, but do you think your stories would increase that 48% stat?)

Another great thing about Positive Profiles is how versatile they are.

You can use aspects of Positive Profiles in most, if not all, of your other marketing material.

Talk about ROI. 

Can’t think of how else to use Positive Profiles? To get you started, I’ve listed 8 easy ways on a handy-dandy chart. See below to get your free copy.  

Are you convinced that your stories are a vital tool in creating loyal customers? Good. (You did say ‘Yes’, didn’t you?)

Then, to quote Forrest Gump, “that’s all I have to say about that”.

Except to say,

I help those who are trying to make the world a better place create loyal customers so they can continue to prosper and expand their network of change. 

I help people like you.

Your stories are waiting to be told.

Through your stories, people have already connected with you. 

They understand your philosophy and your business. 

You’ve ALREADY won their hearts.

(Btw, if you said ‘No’ to the ‘convinced?’ question, we’d better chat anyway. Click the link.)

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Not only does she bring great attention to detail and careful word choice into all of her writing assignments, she is a gracious and prompt communicator, and clearly approaches her work with the intention of making it the best it can be. In conducting interviews and organizing personal stories, Carolin has a unique way of diving deep to bring out the highlights and uncover new information. 

Carolin is a writer of exceptional quality. 

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