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Where Message and Mission Align

A website is the story of you, your business and the people you serve. 

But your story must be authentic. 

Authenticity builds trust. 

Trust builds loyalty. 

How's your website working for you?

You are changing the world.

You need a website that connects prospects with the "Why" behind your brand. 

They're looking to see if you fit their ideal of themselves. 

They want to know why they should work with you vs. the many others out there doing similar work.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to touch people's hearts.  

Opportunity to Make a Bigger Difference

Think for a moment about why you're in business. 

When people learn there's more to your business than profit...

When people see that you're making a difference...

When people understand the "Why" behind your work...

If you're in business, you need a website.

What would it mean to have a website that attracts clients and boosts your revenue?

If you want to create brand loyalty, people need to know your whole story. 

As your business grows, so will the impact of your good work.

Can you solve their problem?

What makes you different?

Why should they care about you?

Change-makers need followers

Aligning your message with your mission lets customers care about your work as much as you do.  

That starts with your website. 

Your website is your information hub. It's where people turn to find out more about you and your work. 

People who believe in your work.

People who tell others. 

People who become loyal customers.

They will become loyal and supportive customers. 

Loyalty = Opportunity

You have an idea for a better way of doing things. 

You see a need that is lacking and feel driven to fill that need.

You learned a valuable lesson or skill and want to help others learn it too.

Writing your own web copy is among the hardest writing you'll do. 

The fact is, you’re too close to your business to see it as your customers do. It's known as the Curse of Knowledge; you can't un-know what you know. 

Your business is your baby and you've been with it since conception. You live and breathe it daily. 

You use terminology and jargon that is common place for you but may be new and unfamiliar for someone else, leaving them confused or feeling like they don't belong. 

You know what you want to say but find it a challenge to get what's in your heart onto paper. 

A confused customer will click away…and may never come back. You definitely do NOT want that!

Connecting your prospects with the underlying reason you are in business is imperative in creating loyalty to your brand. 

When your website aligns your message with your mission, your prospects and customers understand the "Why" behind your work which creates lasting connections and customers that care about what you do.

As a heart-centred entrepreneur, an environmentalist and staunch supporter of ethical businesses, I fully understand how important your work is in the world. 

I also understand that sometimes you don't have a big budget for hiring professional help.  I've factored that into my packages below.  

No matter your need or situation, there's a way that together, we can create a website that speaks your message. 

My mission is to help you make a greater impact by clearly connecting your customers with your mission.

1. Keep You In Check

You have a website but it's just not working for you.

I have three ways to help you fix that.

4 Ways to Work Together:

4. Done For You

Need a website?

You do such great work in the world; people need to know.

Be sure your website tells the whole story. 

2. Polish & Shine

Hate writing? Don't know what to say? Simply don't have time? I've got ya! 

I'll do the writing for you so your message and mission aligns and connects your target market with your brand story. 

Single page web copy reviews. 

You've written a page but something's not working. 

I'll take what you have and rework it so it connects with your readers. 

Got a website?

3. Polish, Shine, Flow & Go

A full website refreshing service.  The Polish & Shine but for your entire website! 

Beginning where you are, I'll review, edit, rework & revamp your full website. 

From tagline to testimonials, your site's flow and message will connect with your prospects.

You do the writing and I'll support you all the way; a full website consulting service. 

Perfect if you want to do your own writing (and finally get it finished!). 

Budget friendly. Supportive. Time-saving. 

Connect your message with your mission and everything else aligns.

This company is bullfrogpowered® 

with 100% green electricity.

Michelle’s website is getting rave reviews.

Since then I have received several comments from potential clients and friends in the design industry that they really like what my website has to say.

“Carolin did a fantastic job on my website copy. She was able to transform my copy and ideas so that they were more clear and appealing to my potential clients. She also improved the formatting making it more appealing to the eye and easier to read. And she even gave me a new tag line that really speaks to what I do for my clients. 

I highly recommend Carolin for any of your copy needs.”

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Michelle Ku

Addison Interior Design Denver

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